The very first verse of the Bible in Genesis 1:1 [‘In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth … ] reveals to us that we are created by God.

Elohim is the great, infinite all-powerful God Who shows by His works that He is the Creator, Sustainer and Supreme Judge of the world. It is this Elohim Who progressively reveals Himself to us in His Divine Word. From knowing Him as an Omnificent, Omnipotent and Omniscient Being we learn in amazement that He is also Omnibenevolent.

He is Yahweh the Self-Existing and Unchanging One Who desires to be in a relationship with His creatures who are made in His image and likeness. And it is this Yahweh Who fulfils His own desire to be with us by sending down His Son Jesus as Emmanuel.

The very mention of the name Emmanuel brings comfort to our weary hearts because the name Emmanuel which is applied by the evangelist Matthew to Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s promise to His loving children.

God promised deliverance to Judah in the time of the prophet Isaiah and He fulfilled His Divine Word ‘to be with them always’ through the birth of Jesus, His Only Begotten Son. Matthew reminds us of the fulfilment of this promise again at the conclusion of his gospel, in the last words of Jesus to His disciples “I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

Why does God promise to be with us? Why does He want to be with us? God’s Word provides us with blessed answers to these questions.

Our Loving Father God knows that children are constantly in need of the parents presence, whether they admit it or not. And that is why our Everloving Father promises to be with us every moment of our lives in this world.

He wants to be with us to share His love. To protect us from the ways of the world. To guide us in the paths of wisdom and holiness. To comfort and console us when we are in trouble. To anoint and empower us as we battle the evil forces in the world.

Elohim – Yahweh – Jesus – Emmanuel

And through Emmanuel Elohim Ministries we try to bring you to experience this wonderful Loving God through our various ministries. 


Village Ministry

God has blessed me along with my team to go to different villages very specially on “Lenten” days to proclaim the Word of God.  We are privileged to work with Rev. Fr. Greenway (Mill Hill Fathers) and Rev. Sr. Joachim FMM, Jeeva Jala Nilayam, Vikarabad. Whole year we used to go to different Christian and non-Christian villages and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though we have faced many problems, yet we didn’t stop the spreading of the Gospel Values. We could conduct Special programs, like, Carol singing, preparing these people for the Holy Sacraments on Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. We could experience the power of God in our Village Ministry because the Mother Church has supported us by administering the Sacraments like: Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and even Matrimony.

Parish Ministry

The Emmanuel Elohim Ministry’ has been blessed to work in the Parish Ministry. In the Parish Ministry we go to different parishes in the Arch-Diocese of Hyderabad, Guntur Diocese, Vijayawada Diocese, Warangal Diocese, Kadapa Diocese etc. Here, we conduct the Praise and Worship, Proclaim and Breaking the Word of God, very specially conducting Healing and Deliverance sessions. We could experience the encouragement and support of the local Parish Priests. We have gone, even, along with Rev. Fr. Christuraj James, the Founder and Director of Society of the Holy Spirit to different parishes, like: Chitoor, Nalgonda, Kurnool and even the above mentioned Dioceses. We have even worked with the servant of God, Sis. Jacintha Rani, Sis. Lucy Raja Reddy and T.M. Rajasree. We are happy to stand and work in the parish Ministry of the Catholic Church.

Retreat Ministry

We are happy to proclaim the Word of God in the Telugu and English Retreats. We go to the Holy Spirit Center, Moinabad,  to give talks and share our faith every first and third week of the month, because in these weeks, retreat in English and Telugu language is conducted here. Even, we go to the Divine Word Centre, Muthangi, on second and fourth week of the month, because in these weeks, retreat in English and Telugu language is conducted here. We are happy to work with Rev. Fr. Christuraj James SHS and Rev. Fr. Benny SVD.

Intercessions and Prayer Warrior Ministry

The Emmanuel Elohim Ministry’ has been blessed with Intercessory and Prayer Warrior Group. Every day we read the Holy Bible for hours and pray for two to three hours together. We meditate upon the Holy Scripture and intercede for the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, all Bishops, all Priests, all Religious people and the Laity. We intercede for the country and the government. We make special fasting and prayer for the affected and infected people of various sickness and natural calamity. We could experience the power of God in our intercessions because many have witnessed that they have been delivered. We praise God for this special ministry, because we pray for many souls on earth, and souls in Purgatory.

Family ministry

The Emmanuel Elohim Ministry’ has been blessed with family ministry. On the request of the people, we go to their families, pray along with them, and through the Word of God, we strengthen their faith and pray for healing and deliverance. We could see the active participation of other families in the family prayers. On the second Monday of the month we go to ‘Maple Town Villas’ No. 143, Sun City, for family prayer. Here, many families take part in the family prayer and receive the blessings and grace of God. On every third Monday of the month family prayer is being conducted on Mr. Rajesh, Jude’s Residency, Erragadda. Good many families participate in the family prayer, here, and obtain the grace of God.

Counseling Ministry

The Emmanuel Elohim Ministry’ has the trained counselor. On the request of the people, we give counseling on phone, on Media like: Facebook, Whatsapp etc. and in person. Many are happy with our counseling ministry. Family problems have been recovered, the thoughts of suicide has been stopped through the counseling. Many have witnessed that they have been touched and healed through our counseling, because we take our base on the Holy Bible. We could see the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our counseling. We personally have seen people come to us with tears, but after counseling, their face is radiant with joy and happiness. We thank God for this ministry.

Special Prayer Meetings

The Emmanuel Elohim Ministry’ has taken special prayer meetings. On every Saturday evening there is a special prayer meeting at St. Jude’s Pre-Primary School, Erragadda, Hyderabad. Many come and participate in this special prayer meeting and receive the blessings of the Lord. We, even invite Rev. Fr. Christuraj James SHS, other Spiritual Fathers and the Servants of God to this special prayer meeting, to proclaim the Word of God. We believe that God is working wonders in these special prayer meetings, because many have witnessed the healing hand of God, finding right partner for the person, getting jobs, taking right decisions to read the Word of God etc. We believe that many are happy with our special prayer meetings. In this special prayer meeting there is: PRAISE AND WORSHIP, PROCLAMATION OF THE WORD OF GOD AND INTERCESSIONS.

Media Ministry

The Emmanuel Elohim Ministry’ is happy to render our service with the Media Ministry of ‘Divya Vaani Social Communication and Subhodhyam TV talk. Everyday morning Sis. Kusuma Mekala give fresh manna for the Telugu speaking communities around the world. They do the Intercessory prayers for all those who send the prayer request in the program “PRAYER TIME”. We, even give the back ground voice to the Church History in the program “ALAYAM”. We do even the translation to the speech of Rev. Fr. Christuraj James SHS.