All possible God is our Lord Jesus Christ

My name is Joshi Anumuthu from Pondicherry. Few years back I bought a land to start poultry farm with large amount of loan. I did not have any knowledge about land purchase or things to look before purchase. I blindly trusted the land brokers for everything and purchased. Later on I came to know that it’s completely dry area and nothing can be done with it. I struggled so much to sale this land and even lost so much of money for the land. I was praying and waiting for God’s mercy. After three years of gap one buyer came to buy the land, I was happy about the news but in verifying the documents the buyer found NOC has to be got from the children of the landowner, which I did not get at the time of purchase. When I approached the previous land owner for the NOC, they demanded 1 lakh rupees to sign, which I did not have. I pleaded with them but they did not agree to sign without money. I did not have any other choice than to bargain and give Rs.50000/- for their sign. I said to myself, let go, they will reap evil for this act. After few days one more person appeared in the scene and demanded money, which is land broker who bought the land and gave me. I did not know what to do, I am not person who go for fighting or make enemy with others. I went through this battle about 15days, which took my whole energy. I pleaded with the broker saying I don’t have money anymore and I did not keep any dues to you either. But the broker was determined to get the money out of me for no reason. In this condition I called Sis. Kusuma and shared the situation, she gave me the word of encouragement from the bible, that God is with me to fight my right.  She assured her prayers with fasting along with EEM team. Now I want to testify that prayer made it possible. Last week, I sold the land and paid back my loan. The land broker, who gave me so much of trouble, did not turn back and I did not pay any rupee to him.  I glorify God for His mercy and His miracle. I thank Sis. Kusuma and her team for the saintly prayer.