Month: September 2018

I am the Lord that healeth thee

My name is Nakshatra, residing at Erragadda. I regularly attend prayer meeting conducted by Emmanuel Elohim Ministries at St.Jude’s School Erragadda. My brother Fr.Jaypaul ministering at warangal, since five months he was suffering from severe pain in his left hand. He was unable lift and not able to do any work properly. I informed Sis. Kusuma to pray for my brother. As a team when they prayed for the healing, my brother was healed completely. All glory to Jesus.

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul!

I am Mrs. Jaya Mary from Erragadda, Hyderabad.

I thank and praise God for all the things He has bestowed on me and my family.

Every Saturday I attend the prayer meeting conducted by Sis. Kusuma, the Foundress of Emmanuel Elohim Ministry. On one Saturday, I heard a testimony from one sister, Mrs. Lalitha, that, her daughter got job in United Kingdom, but before that her daughter attended many interviews and at the last round she was rejected from getting job. Her daughter was in so much depression, and then Mrs. Lalitha started to attend the prayer meeting conducted by Emmanuel Elohim Ministires at Erragadda. After  Sis. Kusuma’s prayer, her daughter got another job in short period.

When I heard this testimony, I too felt within my heart that I should share my testimony about my daughter-in-law, Mrs. Sahithya, who was jobless in United States. I believe that our God is an awesome God, because He has heard my prayer and answered them in due time. After the last Saturday’s prayer, the Lord granted my daughter-in-law with good job in United States in 3 days. All Glory and Praise to God.

I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to share my testimony.

Praise the Lord!

Life and death are on our tongue

My name is Mrs. Benz Mary from Uppal, Hyderabad. I know Sis. Kusuma from many years. Today with the inspiration of Sis. Kusuma I decided to attend this Prayer Meeting conducted by Emmanuel Elohim Ministries at Erragadda, Hyderabad. While I was on my way to reach this place of prayer I had go undergo so many trials, then I thought is it so necessary to attend this prayer meeting with so many obstacles? But after reaching this place  I realized that how blessed I am to face trials for the kingdom of God because the Word of God preached was directly speaking to my heart through Sis. Kusuma. Word of God consoled me so much I thought of myself so privileged to attend this prayer meeting.

Another incident I want to share with you all. Some time ago when I attended Shekinah Bible Trainging at St. Joseph’s Public School, Habsiguda. During that training one day along with my friends, as I was going for lunch, I saw tears rolling down from the eyes of Sis. Kusuma, then one of my friends and myself enquired why she is sad to see the place of Divine Mercy Centre, Habsiguda. When we enquired about her tears, she shared with us the olden days of that centre which was so much blessing to many people. Without her knowledge she prayed for that centre to be used for the glory of God again. And after that within few months, Rev. Fr. Cyril Das was posted in that centre and now it was reconstructed as a beautiful prayer centre for the glory of God. Now I know how powerful our words are. Really we have power on our tongue.

EEM Monthly Activities at St. Thomas Church, Sultan Bazar

St. Thomas Church, sultan bazar organises 2 hrs of  worship and sharing of the word of God on every 1st and 3rd Sunday for the spiritual growth and need of the parishioners. In this connect, Sr. Kusuma was invited with her team to conduct the worship evening on 2nd of September, the first Sunday of the month.

The faithful of the parish were blessed abundantly with the grace to worship the Lord in truth and love and we’re deeply encouraged to hear the word of God. Importance of who we are, knowing and doing the will of God, partnering with our maker as co workers and co creators begining from home, thirst and hunger for the word of God and winning souls for his kingdom like John the Baptist, God’s wonderful love and protection over his people and the way he fulfills his plan in those whom he calls as in the life of Moses we some of the wonderful and new insights the lord revealed through Sr. Kusuma. Sr. Latha, Bro.  Prashanth, and Sudeep were a blessing too who led the congregation in prayer. Thanks be to God almighty for who in his beautiful way is using the members of Emmanuel Elohim ministry. On behalf of my parish priest Rev. Fr. Anthony, I take delight in thanking you Kusuma akka. And hope you will come again to encourage, enlighten and help our community to grow in the knowledge and grace of God.

Br. These are the few lines written by Mrs. Judith, organizer of the program at St. Thomas Church, Sultanbazar.